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Raspberry Pi Tutorial

Raspberry Pi tutorial about how to install system on SD card

RPi-Distro/pi-gen: Tool used to create the raspberrypi.org Raspbian images

  1. Download "Raspberry Pi Imager" from slack or the link blow.
  2. Install the "Raspberry Pi Imager" in the computer.
  3. Run the "Raspberry Pi Imager". https://b.kunn.cc/
  4. Select Operating System: Raspbian(the first one)
  5. Insert SD card into the computer and select that. (maybe you will need a SD card reader. and be careful to select the correct disk) https://b.kunn.cc/
  6. Click "WRITE", and wait for about 10 minutes. (need network access to download system) https://b.kunn.cc/



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