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English Sentence

20180605, 这50句口语记不住就别出国了!

伴随中国护照的含金量的提升, 走出国的国人越来越多, 如何让自己的出境游更加如鱼得水呢, 不妨提前学几句常用的英语, 比如在登机, 就餐, 找酒店时不再让自己很忙乱.  
以下是网络知名网友面包君推荐了50句常用英语, 各位抓紧练习吧.

一, 登机篇

  1. 请问1号登机口在哪? Excuse me, where is boarding gate one?
  2. 请问航班CZ623(航班号)在哪换登机牌? Hi, where can I get the boarding pass for flight CZ623?
  3. 我在何处可取得行李? Where can I get my baggage/luggage?
  4. 这些是我私人使用的东西. These are for personal use.
  5. 旅游咨询中心在那里? Where is tourist information?
  6. 是否可建议一间较为廉价的旅馆? Can you recommend an economical hotel?
  7. 是否有机场巴士可到市区? Is there a bus to the city?
  8. 是否有每晚花费在50美元以下的饭店? Is there a hotel that costs under 50 dollars a night?
  9. 巴士站牌(出租车招呼站)在那里? Where is the bus stop(taxi stand)?
  10. 是否可建议一家位于市中心的旅馆? Could you recommend a hotel in center city?

二, 住宿篇

  1. 我要早上8:00设定电话叫醒. I would like to have a morning call at 8:00 in the morning.
  2. 我要食物送到房间的服务. I'd like to order room service, please.
  3. 我要单人房. I'd like a single room.
  4. 我要两张床的房间. I'd like a double room.
  5. 我要在702房多加一张床. I'd like an extra bed for room 702.
  6. 退房的适合时间? What is the time for check-out?
  7. 我想订房. I would like to book a room.
  8. 我要订一间双人房从(日期)到(日期) I’d like to book a double room for 3 nights from .....to.
  9. 双人床一晚多少呢? How much is a double room for one night?
  10. 你的房间已经预定成功. Your booking is confirmed.
  11. 有饭店的巴士在机场接送吗? Do you have a bus service to and from the airport?
  12. 你可以带我到我的房间吗? Could you show me my room?
  13. 紧急出口和楼梯在那里? Where is the emergency exit and staircase?
  14. 床单很脏. The sheets are dirty.
  15. 我房间没有热水. There's no hot water in my room.
  16. 我会晚一点到达, 请保留所预订的房间. I’m going to be arriving late, but please keep my reservation.
  17. 我想要一间视野好(有阳台)的房间. I'd like a room with a nice view (a balcony).
  18. 餐厅几点开始营业? When does the dining room open?
  19. 早餐几点开始供应? When is breakfast served?
  20. 是否可代为保管贵重物品? Could you keep my valuables?
  21. 我要退房. I'd like to check out.
  22. 请送给我一些冰块和水. Please bring me some ice and water.
  23. 冷气(电视, 灯)无法开启. The air-conditioner (TV, light) doesn't work.
  24. 这附近有青年旅社吗? Is there a hostel around here?

三, 觅食篇

  1. 你好, 我们有2位. Hi, a table for two, please.
  2. 我们想坐在靠窗的位子. We prefer to sit by the window.
  3. 我可以坐这个位子吗? Can I take this seat?
  4. 我可以要冰水吗? May I have some ice water?
  5. 请给我菜单. May I have a menu?
  6. 是否有中文菜单? Do you have a menu in Chinese?
  7. 这里最受欢迎的餐点是什么呢﹖ What is the most popular dish here?
  8. 不要辣椒 Not spicy.
  9. 可以再帮我加点水吗? Can I have some more water?
  10. 买单 Check, please?

四, 交通篇

  1. 这里有从机场去市中心的巴士吗? Is there an airport bus to center city?
  2. 巴士车站在哪里? Where is the bus stop?
  3. 乘计程车到市中心需要多少钱? How much does it cost to take a taxi to center city?
  4. 不用找钱了. Keep the change.
  5. 请拉我去这个地址. Take me to this address, please.
  6. 到市中心需要多长时间? How long does it take to go to center city?
  7. 请停在这里. Stop here, please.
  8. 几点发车? What time is the departure?
  9. 在哪里买票? Where can I get a ticket?
  10. 我想到(地名), 请问要多少钱? How much is it to ?
  11. 五, 购物篇
  12. 我可以试穿这个吗? May I try this on?
  13. 这免税吗? Is this tax free?
  14. 我可不可以用信用卡付帐(银联卡)? Can I pay by credit card(Union Pay)?
  15. 太贵了, 打个折吧? It’s too expensive. How about a discount?
  16. 你能卖便宜一点吗? Can you come down a little bit?
  17. 不能再便宜了吗? Is this your final price?
  18. 我要大一点的. I’d like one size up.
  19. 我要买这个. I’ll take this one.
  20. 我要在哪里换钱? Where can I change money?
  21. 收银台在哪里? Where is the cashier?
  22. 哪里有自助取款机? Where is the ATM?


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